This is the story of a goddess, Kasi, from a universe called Omega. Her planet, Omega X, is under attack from the evil gods and goddesses of Omega Z. It's up to Kasi to save her planet, the gods, and the humans that live there. All the weight is on the shoulders of Kasi, the Omgean X goddess of lightning.

Disclaimer: These are all my characters and places. If a book or tv show has any of these in it, it's a coincedence, and not intended. this is not a fan fic.

Note: this is all in Kasi's POV

credits: i have to give credit to Bladewood for Kasi's name

Chapter 1Edit

"Mother? Are you in here?" I walked around Joinli, the home of the gods, looking for my mother, Inli, the goddess of the home and family. "OOF!" Someone had ran into me. I looked up to see Ader, the god of darkness. "Hey, Ader."

"Sorry, Kasi. Didn't see you there." Ader helped me up and I brushed off my dress."You know, we were looking for you, anyways. There's a little problem."1

"What is it?"

"We're discussing it in the throne room. Come." We walked down the hallways to the throne room and all of the gods sat there in their thrones. I sat in mine, a throne made of lightning, and the meeting began.

"IMMORTALS! WE HAVE A DILEMA! THE GODS AND GODDESSES FROM OMEGA Z ARE GOING TO INVADE AND TAKE OVER OUR PLANET! WE MUST PREPARE FOR BATTLE, AND PROTECT THE MORTALS AND SEND THOSE GODS BACK TO THEIR PLANET!" My father, Joun, shouted from teh middle of the room. A few gods and goddesses started wispering to eachother, and one, the goddess of peace, Luni, looke scared, and like she was about to faint. Her twin sister, Inul, goddess of war, patted her hand to reasure her. Then my father started talking again. "EVEN THOUGH THE LEADER OF EACH PLANET AGREED TO NOT INTERFERE WITH EACHOTHER, EXCEPT FOR FAMINE AND OTHER DISASTERS, THE KING OF OMEGA Z HAS DECLARED WAR AGAINST US! WE MUST FIGHT BACK! EVERYONE, PREPARE FOR BATTLE!" He flashed out of the room, probably to his quarters. I flashed out of there after him, to get my armor.


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