Sonic the mummy

Look at me! I'm mother loving king Tut!


"It sure is boring around here" sonic said as he sat around emerald hill zone with amy, tails, and knuckles, who was busy lifting and skipping leg day.

"Oh sonic." said amy, "i love the way you wear mummy wrappings around your legs."

"and i love how you were to lazy to actually change for the new series, you fat, ugly f*** amy" sonic said scornfully.

As sonic was about to go sign vex's copy of sonic '06, swampert came out of the water and used a powerful surf to wash away the hedghogs, he then picked up the copy of '06 and threw it away in disgust.

"Hey man! that's not cool bro!" shouted vex as he tried to fish the game out of the water "My mom gave me that!"

Swampert reached for his blackglasses, not because he need to power up a dark type move though.

"Well she must not have loved you then" said the mudfish pokemon as he put on his deal with it shades.

Sonic rushed back, knocking vex down into the water as he ran by. 

"Sup, my blue pal!" Sonic said like a stereotypical valley boy.

"Hey man! my Sanic oh siix is floating to the tropic jungle level!!!" Vex yelled as he started to drown.

"Jesus, must we go to that level?" said obiwan as he popped out of nowhere.

The crew marched over to the jungle and they saw two skeletons.

"Hello. i am uhhh... Erin?" the bony creature stated, "i cant remember, but anyway, dont go through!"

The group of fellow travelers ignored the skeleton and continued on. A lava pterodactyl-thing flew down and tried to attack sonic, but he glitchfully knocked a box into it, sending it flying.

"Well that was unusual", said obi-wan as he dusted off his robe. He ignited his lightsaber to cut through the thicket.  it revealed a small pool with three women resting in it.

"Say? have you seen a copy of an awful sonic game float by?"

The tallest woman stood up and pulled out a copy "this? you'll have to earn it to get it" she said as she unstrapped her bikini about to reveal her super sized melons, but before any of the blue bachelors could get in to the pool of love vex raged by and tore them to shreds trying to get his game back. As blood flowed through the pond the guys looked at vex in rage. Obi-wan took out his lightsaber and didn't hold back on the S-shaped crocodile.


(don't judge me! i'm bored and sick [literally, my nose is so runny])

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