"Not at all. Toys are so fun because they are ignorant of the peril they're in. The second a toy becomes aware of the danger they lost their charm and aren't fun to play with."
—Sebastion answering if he's angry that Gojo isn't afraid of him
Sebastion is a member of PES. Though he is the youngest member he is easily the most powerful and ruthless:lacking the soft spot of Carmelo , the honor of Luuk and the lust of Gojo . Despite his age, he is very intelligent and cultured surpassing the genius of Joshua.
Sebastion Alman Penderson



Country of Origin



June 6th

Blood Type


Hair Color


Eye Color



Music, Beethoven, Nintendo, Violins, Legos, Dinosaurs, Screams of pain and agony, Killing those he deems foolish, pray that runs, getting new games, The 3DS


His parents, being gushed over, boredom, idiots, teenagers, most girls, ignorance, being beaten, not being able to play his violin,


Almost absolute mastery of telekinesis.

Proficient in

Telepathy and Teleportation


Sebastion is a young boy who seems to always have a perpetual grin with his eyes half closed. He is medium height with his age, with a pale skin, a round face and neat black hair that he combs telekinetically each morning. He always is seen wearing suits: the one he was introduced in is all black with a red tie. The one he is shown in during chapters five and six resembles a tuxedo with a white shirt and a black fest with the red outline of a Chinese dragon.


Sebastion acts very mature for his age. He is a psychopath and sadist. Though he loves to play with toys, he does so for the destruction because he loves the ecstasy it gives him. He is very vain, believing him to be above each and every person he meets. He sees everyone's life as a game and as such has no qualms about brutally killing people, on the contrary it makes him happier if his new "toys" put up a fight before being destroyed. He is calm, cool and calculating often drawing out his kills in a way that will give him more enjoyment. He loves the cries of pain and agony. Although he usually acts very mature and calm if he is put under a situation of extreme stress and nothing goes his way he will throw a deadly temper-tantrum.


Role in StoryEdit


  • He is comparable to Xaviera in that they are both the youngest of their respective sides and that they are of the most violent. However, Xaviera is violent due to her being savage and thus violence being the only thing she knows while Sebastion is violent because of the joy of pain.
  • While Xaviera is meant to be scary Sebastion is meant to be creepy.
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