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read the title again.
put this together:
RE       TOY     P     


He was a boy, young of sixteen.
He had no mind in mind to see his own dreams,
When he left the room that held unseen beings,
Toys that littered his room, that piled high to the heavens of
Godly things.
And his mother,
Nagged, "oh why won't you clean
Your room roy? oh why?"
And he cursed under his breath "get off my f***ing
Back. Get off, get off."
And she would wail and weep her fading tears,
And say, "oh why roy wh-"
The wind that rattled his brain filled him
With glee, as he ran toward the Veranda ranch house.
He would open the coffin to his grave, his pleading mother on the byside,
And he shoves the thought of rejoice in his single cell of a head,
And he shoves her down the stairs, her head bouncing spastically
With her lolling eyes spinning, ankles convulsively crackling against the paines,
And she cried and cried "oh why? WHY? why won't you clean your
Room roy? oh why?"
And he would curse at her "get off my f***ing back. i need this toy-"
WHY." She pleaded and keened.
But the boy we know as Roy needed the toy, the toy, the TOY TOY TOY.
His were the best to play with, they gave him caring,
They gave him loving, loving, L-L-LOVING THE WORRLD!
Cause he loved them right back with l-l-loving.
She was a girl, young of seventeen,
The knowings of her existence was
A price to be paid when her life was
Appreciated to her liking.
But everyday, she would get up,
Pony her velvet hair, and run,
Run, run, run.
Until her lungs disconnected from her
Life force.
But the rewards were well played for
Her when she arrived at the school of ruals.
They gave her a pleasure to strive off of,
The girls and the jocks,
That set her off and gorged on her,
As she did to them.
The day she came, they saw her.
Bickering and Chirping,
Laughing and finally saying, "hey you,
Come here."
And her approach would be child like,
And they would give her a lovely feeling,
A kick in the head, gives her a steel toe,
Bashes her in the neck,
Takes all her things, take it all, it all.
And she would lay there and moan and
Groan, waiting.
And they would come back again, the staff
This time.
Cooing her and asking, "are you okay?"
And the girl was truly scared sh**less,
For she knew they did not care, when she
Saw their pseudo smiles and heard their
Pseudo words, and it truly scared her,
For she did not understand the real meaning
Of friendly affection from others or herself,
And she ran and they yelled after her,
While she ran blindly from them, bleeding
And broken, for she still didn't understand.
For in her mind, she was seven,
Even though she was seventeen,
A little girl in her head,
And she never wanted to grow up.
Coming home everyday, roy would
Play with his toys.
"Hello mr ducky, do you wanna play?"
And he squeezed and squeezed,
and made them both feel new and
His eyes rolled in the back of his, and he
Quacked just like a one, in a jovial way,
Quack! Quack! Quack!
The duck itis swam through his veins like
Fish in a stream.
But his time would be up, the death bell
Would ring. '
And he cursed, "damnit, damnit, DAMNIT!
That ringer ruined my fun."
He didn't know any better, school was calling.
He was going to school as a high man, and
His mother knew, but he didn't care.
She was the utter definition of ignorance,
And she didn't even know.
That is why she is dead, in her bed room,
Her back broken, her legs splayed in angles
Unknown to roy.
And her mouth in a gaping scream of when she
Repeatedly screeched the word
She sat in her room, papers in
Tatters, her mother at the door.
"honey, why don't you have family time
With us?"
"NO! NO! NO!" she retorted childishly,
As how a two year old reacted to
Nappy time.
"elizabeth dear, do you want a new mare?"
 "another ipod?"
"how about another boyfriend? Jeremy
Is nice-"
"honey i told you she would do this-"
"well  what am i suppose to do Richard? she's
Pratically a retard!"
"maybe i should of gotten you checked before i
Married you-"
"what is that suppose to mean?!"
"YOU have the mentally poor gene, and now we have
A retarded daughter!"
"wha- what if it was YOU?!-"
Lizy covered her ears and cried. They were too loud,
Fighting over their wealth and her made her sad,
Too sad.
They wouldn't let her cut her hair.
She felt as if it didn't belong on her.
She wanted to cut it sooo bad, but they
Took all the  scissors-safety, clippers, even those
Small ones used to cut nose hairs.
For her subtible safety, they locked all the drawers
Filled with knives and such--
Just to be on the safe side.


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