Pirate Carnival is a RP by Zeon1. It is set in the One Piece universe, but liberties can be taken. It follows a crew of pirates as they confront ghosts of long-dead pirates wreaking havoc on pirates and marines alike.


Pounce D. Luk- Devil Fruit: Taiko-Taiko no Mi, Captain.

Cina L. Megani- (TBA)

The New Crew ArcEdit

Chapter 1: Meet the TeamEdit

(A large, but well worn ship glides into the harbor of a small town. A young man (Luk) is hanging on to a net, looking out, grinning. He's the only one on the ship. He jumps down on the boardwalk)

Luk. (Looks around, goes into the local tavern, sits down at a bar) Water.

Bartender. (Nods) Sure

Luk. (Sits back, enjoying his drink) *Looks around, sees Cina nearby. Stands up, walking over* Hey.

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