"Another day that beautiful me is touched by that scandalous devil, Mister Sun!"
—Hélène, waking up on a typical day
Hélène is an artistic member of The Witches. Though not as extreme as Sebastion Hélène is indifferent towards destruction. She joined Gaia to hone her skills as a painter by travelling the world.
Hélène Françoise Delacroix



Country of Origin



May 8th

Blood Type


Hair Color


Eye Color



Painting, Music, Fine Arts, Herself, Hair, Drawing, France, Beautiful sights, The Sun, The Moon,


People touching her hair, People who think they're better than her, Being normal, Heights, Being ignored, Failing,


Moderate magical abilities since birth, using her brush to interact with the enirity of objects,

Proficient in

Using paintbrush to create an array of deadly magic, Making paintings come to life


Hélène is a teenager of average weight and tall height. She keeps her hair in a large, curly and poofy afro. Hélène has black hair, brown eyes and a tan skin tone. When she first appeared she sported a navy blue beret, a green dress and a large and messy smock-frock.


Though Hélène is generally a very snooty and stuck-up person she generally behaves herself when with the other witches. She is shown to be very anti-social, not wanting to converse with many people because they generally regard her with disdain and she feels herself above them. Hélène will however, happily talk to people she considers artists such as singers, musicians, painters, writers, etc. Hélène is comically conceited to the point where she is in love with her own reflection and voice. She loves to sight see and is very determined, once she puts her mind to something she shall not quit before succeeding. Hélène is known to get into things way over her head such as painting an extremely large picture. She is shown laughing loudly extremely often, much to everyone else's chagrin.


When Hélène was young, her parents took her with them to a trip to Hawaii. Due to being afraid of heights, she unleashed her psychic power out of fear, killing everyone on the plane except her and her family. She managed to float safely down afterwards and this fiasco became the largest secret kept in France's recent history.

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