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Book 1- Ghost Child is the first book of the Ghost Child book series. In this story, Samantha begins out as a 14 year old teen who is beginning her second year of high school, along with her best friend, Carl.

Prologue- Many GhostsEdit

"Sammy?" A familiar voice called my name. I rose my head from my hands, wondering if I looked drowsy. I stared at the familiar face. A teen with mixed skin color, something like my mix between Caucasian and African-American. He had two ear piercings and glasses. I remembered by looking at his uniform that we were outside at lunch.

"Hey, Carl.." I rubbed my groggy eyes, seeing the table full of ghosts.

"They're here again.." Carl sighed, solemnly. Like I, Carl didn't like seeing the eyes of the ghosts, void of anything, and the chills you get when you see one. Some people call me crazy. Some people call me lucky. Because, Carl and I are ghost children. You heard right; ghost children. Children of ghosts.

"We shouldn't stare at them. They make me scared." I replied, sounding like a goof as always.

A shudder came from Carl as I put a hand on his shoulder to comfort him. I'd just wish I couldn't see the ghosts. Then again, it's a blessing.

"Carl, are you ok?" I made eye contact with his golden eyes. They had a small flicker of blue as he teared up.

"They...they're..behind me, aren't they..?" They? What does he mean?

I looked behind as I saw...

Carl's parents.


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