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Fallen is the first book in the "Once Upon a Time" trillogy.

It is written by user and founder Jack Firesword going by the pen name Jack Smith.


He lay in rest at the side of the road.

He looked about twenty years old. His long silver hair flashed throughout the night sky, his sparkling gold eyes glinted brighter than the sun.

A boy lay asleep near him. He awoke, breaking his dreams in the click of a finger, only to find that his life had left him as he sleft.

The man's finger twitched and the boy's eyes drifted open and he looked out upon his home as if it had all been a dream.

The boy's name was Axton, and he had just seen his father.

A fallen star.

Chapter 1:Edit

Nine years had past since Axton dremt of his father, not that he knew the man in the dream was his father. He was now eighteen years of age.

Axton stood in the desert, the great orange sun



  • The names of the chapters are the lyrics of Slow cheetah by Red hot chili peppers, but some of the lines are shortened and if they are repeated in the song then only the first time they are said they are put in, also there are a few lines missing that aren't repeated.
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