Welcome to the CC Dictionary! i feel like this helpful little device can explain some aspects of the story which are unclear to the reader. It's not alphabetical, but rather in order of appearence.



Psittacosaurus: A small dinosaur from the cretaceous, related to big horned dinosaurs like triceratops, it was bipedal and only had small horns which protruded from the cheeks and from behind the eyes.

Saurischian: A type of dinosaur denoted by their lizard like hips. The group contains meat eating theropods, and plant eating long necks, the sauropods. In the story they have a distinct belief that they are superior to the ornithischians.

Ornithischian: A type of dinosaur denoted by its bird like hips. The group contains herbivores like horned dinosaurs, armored dinosaurs, duck billed dinosaurs, and dome skulled dinosaurs.  In the story, they are accepting and allow saurischians into their ranks. Their objective is to peaceably dethrone the corrupt saurischians.

Hypsilophodon: A herbivorous dinosaur with small arms and long thin legs. It uses its speed to avoid conflict.

Chapter 1

Ra: The Egyptian god of the sun, once the most powerful god, he now shares his throne with Isis. Represented by a man with the head of a falcon or hawk.

Sobek: Egyptian god of crocodiles, he is violent and pays respect to none of the other gods, possibly god of anarchy. Represented by a man with the head of a crocodile.

Horus: God of pharaohs, war, and life. Some say he inspired the stories of Jesus, as they draw parallels with each other, only Horus is far more archaic. Represented by a man with the head of a falcon.

Victory Sound: A huge starship which houses the main players in the canon wars. It’s over half a mile in length and features high speed trams to allow movement in the ship. It has light weapons on the wings and can hold its own decently against other gin ships.

Kronos-32: a primeval planet filled with forests, however its poles are frozen and it also features some deserts. Upon its discovery by the company MonsterHunt Co. (September 21 2190) It was immediately set aside for hunting reserves, due to its huge variety of wildlife, and because earth had very few species available to hunt anymore. It also goes by the code name FMM UV-32.

Canon Transporter: A high-tech device which allows the travel between dimensions, as well as time and space. It was discovered by Nosredna Trebor, who decided that its use could help him discover the secrets of the universe. It soon became used for a military purpose. Each planetary body has at least one canon transporter on it.

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