• WriteStoriesEveryday
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  • Thr23


    May 26, 2016 by Thr23
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  • MichelleBree23
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  • EQ123

    Lord KirschHeels

    March 7, 2016 by EQ123

    When Flash Sentry balling his fist at Snips. It means that there's a darker roots when the dazzling possesses him entirely. It's an unusually, but rarely interceding presence of Lord KirschHeels. I'd saw within him struggling when tries to punch snips when he's brainwashed by the sirens song. I particularity happen when I don't know, Flash Sentry back on Equestria as a royal captain of the Guard, could do the same action as he was back on the human world....Does he? I don't know, back on Equestria, he's a elegant sentry and on the other world, he's a little bit aggressive and anxious. I think Lord KirshHeels is a resemblance of Flash Sentry but more perfect-obsessive,He's once defunct from Sombra's guard on Black crystal palace and now goi…

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  • Piggabubblyboo456

    Hi there

    June 14, 2015 by Piggabubblyboo456

    I am the Wiki's rule breaker. That's my game. I love having a bit of fun but when I get carried away I don't just fix everything. I am Piggabubblyboo456. If you see that name on a page, that means I have put nonsense into it :) And I am Elory Chihuahua really, and I AM a chihuahua in real life... but I can type. That's a little strange. Please love me for my nonsense moves :) I DO NOT put nonsense in my own pages, so PLEASE don't do it either.


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  • NosrednaTrebor

    Need the medal

    June 24, 2014 by NosrednaTrebor


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  • Danatblair

    test blog post

    July 3, 2013 by Danatblair

    This is just a test. I have not made a blog post on wikia. Seems easy enough. Bananna. 

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  • CasshanZer0

    Words to Say

    January 2, 2013 by CasshanZer0
    A few of you may already know me, (well one member and The Creator), and I've been on here for a small while now, but  might as well introduce myself to the rest of the community just in case the other members don't know I existed on here...until now (just saying). But there ya have it. I'm new on here, name's xXCasshernLoverXx. Drop in sometime and say Hi if ya want. I don't make many stories (and I don't think I will yet 'cause I mess up on them all the time), but I just take a lookers around, post pictures, (well when I don't mess up on those too), and say hi to others.
    A quick comment on...uhh- Sonicfan919's blog post. I do agree that this place is a ghost town, (or was) because when I joined, I was quite surprised on how... empty it w…
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  • Jack Firesword

    Happy new year!

    January 1, 2013 by Jack Firesword

    Happy new year everyone! I hope you have a successful year of 2013!

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  • Sonicfan919

    Hate to say it but...

    December 24, 2012 by Sonicfan919

    ....this place is practically a ghost town. Seriously though, this place was isolated and deserted since the day I joined. No question why found this place at Wikia's "List of Wikis in need of editors". The main page states that there are 98 pages but I seriously doubt, in fact, I KNOW that those are not all main pages. So it's no question that barely anyone comes here but my question is how can we change that?

    One of the reasons why I didn't participate in story of the month was because my story was still fairly primitive and unpolished (and it still is) the other reason is that there isn't much other stories to compete against. I know that I would most definitely lose quite badly if there are more than THREE other stories but I'd rather l…

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  • Jack Firesword

    Hello guys, the story of the month award is here! :D

    If you wish to nominate one of your stories (One story per person) for this competition then post the link to it in the comments.


    Do not vote past the 31st of december.

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  • Lieutenant legolas


    September 25, 2012 by Lieutenant legolas

    Hello! Fellow writers/wikians! I just wanted to make a blog to introduce myself to the community:

    I am an active wikian on several wikis, I am the founder of an active wiki, like to make short poems/stories, am trying to get better at coding, and am really good at desiging top navigation bars. I hope to see you all around!

    DRAG0N DUD3 (talk) 18:42, September 25, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Benjaminthewill123123


    September 23, 2012 by Benjaminthewill123123

    Should we have a bot for spell checking articles on this site? It would be great if we could get a bot flag for RobotofEditing.

    Please state below if you approve or not.

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  • Jack Firesword

    Hey guys, the first drawing competition is here, we need a symbol for the wiki.

    To join, draw your pic and post it on this page:

    You will have till the 31st of October.

    Good luck, The Creator 09:40, September 22, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Jack Firesword

    Hey guys, since none of you user rights people (or anyone really except for like 2 people) are really active I am gonna be mean and inforce a new rule, if it doesn't work well then I will remove it.

    If you are an admin you must be editing once every 10 days, otherwise you will be demoted to rollback and it goes on like that untill you have been riddewn of all your rights. If you wish to reapply (or apply) for rights then request here:

    Have a nice day now :D

    From your humble creator, The Creator 17:35, September 21, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Jack Firesword


    August 22, 2012 by Jack Firesword

    Hey guys, it's me, your mighty ruler and dictator! just joking, but seriously, this wiki is a bit.. Lifeless and we need more users. if anyone could get any then that would be great! thanks for reading

    Also, I am going away for a week and I will be leaving my admins in charge, Josh and Ex.

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  • Jack Firesword


    August 13, 2012 by Jack Firesword

    When we have 11 active users we will have a story contest.

    The Creator 08:30, August 13, 2012 (UTC)

    Hey, we now have 11 active users and I'll be starting this up, I'll be in the competion so I can't judge, any takers for that slot? The Creator 18:45, September 25, 2012 (UTC)

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